WinterFall Grant

Califon Public School's WinterFall Grant!

We are extremely thankful for the generosity of Gloria Winter. Mrs. Winter was a long time resident of Califon whose children attended school here. Mrs. Winter was a foreign language teacher at Califon and a former Board of Education member. She has since relocated outside of the area but still continues to support our school through the WinterFall Grant with grant awards selected by the WinterFall Grant Committee. For that, we are grateful!

See pictures of the WinterFall Grant in Action!

Some of the items and activities over the past five years that have been awarded to our teachers and our principal have been numerous to say the least:

· Digital cameras

· Microscopes and slides for preschool

· Egg incubator and supplies for baby chicks in grade 4

· Junior Great Books program

· Various technology subscriptions

· Frog Dissection kits for grade 8

· 3D printer

· Interactive whiteboard for the library

· iPads

· Author visits

· Assemblies

· Family Science Nights

· Interactive technology games

· Weather station for middle school science

· Wireless mics for the music program

· Stand-up desks for grade 2

· Bloxels for Technology

· Basket weaving workshop for grade 4

· Telescope for middle school science

· Science supplies and experiments for preschool and kindergarten

· Ozbot starter kits for grade 1

· Hydroponics cart for middle school and STEAM program

· Wonder Pack - robots Dot and Dash - coding for grade 2

· Poet in residence for grades 4 and 5