School Based Youth Services

Califon Public School offers the School-Based Youth Services Program with the goal of helping children and teens, and their families, to successfully navigate the school experience. The School-Based program offers supportive counseling to help students with issues such as anxiety, depression, academic concerns, self-image and stress related to relationships with family and friends.  We achieve this by building on the individual strengths of the youth and empowering them to overcome obstacles.  Our goal is to promote emotional, mental and physical well being. 

In the summer and during school vacation weeks, School-Based Services offers a free recreation program with a variety of activities, such as trips, games, arts/crafts, demonstrations, and presentations.  Our recreation program seeks to engage and instruct students as well as to encourage socialization skills and most importantly, provide a fun experience for our students.  

The School Based Youth Services Program is funded by Hunterdon County Department of Human Services and is managed by Hunterdon Behavioral Health. Referrals to the program can be made by teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, parents, self, friends, etc.

Please contact the School Based Youth Services Program at 788-6401 for further information or to make a referral.