Califon School represents the best of two worlds: Small class sizes and global outreach combine to ensure that our learners receive an exemplary education. Our highly effective staff is dedicated to creating a learning environment that is caring and nurturing. Califon’s expectation is that every student is capable of reaching his or her full potential, and every day we model and practice that belief. 

Our unique public school has innovative programming and class sizes comparable to those of a private school. Califon infuses technology throughout grades and lessons, and its Innovation Lab and Genius Hour take that learning to engaging hands-on levels. We employ a forward-thinking, three-tiered enrichment program that gives all students a chance to explore curiosities, special interests, and identified skills. Our academics are top-notch, but we never forget our century-long legacy of building confident, compassionate leaders.

Sometimes children are overlooked at a large school, or they feel isolated due to social dynamics. Sometimes they achieve so easily that they fall under the radar, and therefore under their true potential. Sometimes it appears that they just don’t fit in; maybe the school just doesn’t fit them. For all of these reasons and many more, parents can choose Califon School.