Council of Instruction

Overarching Goals

•1.      The Council of Instruction shall serve as a vehicle to ensure that the process of curriculum development and assessment is sustained and moves forward in an efficient manner.

•2.      The Council of Instruction serves as a liaison between the teaching staff and the Board of Education / administration for the purpose of insuring input from all stakeholder groups in the ongoing process of curriculum development.


The current membership of the Council of Instruction consist of teachers, administrators, a Board of Educatuion member, and a parent. The 2015-2016 Council members are:

Bryce Blondina, Kristen Charleston, Jessica Firko, Claudia Gangemi, Kyle Hoitsma, Pat Johnston, Jason Kornegay, Maryjane Medea, Lori Montesion, Dan Patton


Meetings of the council of Instruction are held once a month on a Tuesday afternoon.


Accomplishments via Council:

  • Updated districts's Technology Plan
  • Updated the district's report cards to a standards based electronic version
  • Created a mission statement and a shared vision
  • Analyzed the district's math curriculum 
  • Updated the district's math program
  • Began discussions on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Created new curriculum design templates for all subjects
  • Updated all curriculum
  • Created a school schedule meeting certain criteria based on staff survey
    • more collaboration for teachers at all grade levels
    • more consistency across subjects with special education teachers 
    • more consistency across the language arts block at the middle school grades
  • Began to focus on grading and assessment procedures
  • Began discussions on individual student learning goals